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Michelle Regev, Portrait of the Founder and Manager of Nubia!

Michelle Regev, Portrait of the Founder and Manager of Nubia!

Did you know that touch is crucial to the survival and development of human beings, exploration, discovery of the environment, search for enjoyable spaces and social contacts, and of course, sexuality?

A real explorer of our modern times, Michelle Regev is among those who have understood the value of touch, the strength behind a caress, the impact of a comforting gesture, and the tenderness of a helping hand.

“In today’s society, we no longer touch one another! There is a sort of shyness and automatic distance between individuals. There ia a lack of direct touch”.

Touch and Exploration

Born from globetrotters, Michelle, born in Stockholm Sweden, lives in Israël and in France before arriving in Québec at the age of 8.

Passioned by human beings and their relationchip, she explores sociology, sexology, helping relations, neuro-­linguistic programming (post-­masters in NLP), education and massage therapy (and many other fields!) before becoming the Manager of Nubia Spa VERT – Santé


With 19 years experience in massage therapy and related experience, she has designed quality services at Nubia with experienced massage therapists, an irreprochable greeting and a most enjoyable atmosphere!

“It’s as if Nubia allowed me to offer all the qualities and skills I have acquired throughout my life! I have taken the positive from all my experiences to offer my clients. It’s a true feeling of satisfaction and self-­realization! »

Right in the heart of the Mile End, Nubia is an oasis of relaxation in a really “vibrant” neighbourhood. “The Mile End is an extraordinary neighbourhood where free and proud people, artists, intellectuals and cyclists etc. meet…”

Touch and the Development of Human Beings

Manager, therapist, event producer and mother of a tall 24 year old son, Michelle has a rare talent: that of allowing people to become aware of their potential and to accompany them in its fulfillment.

“I have always loved to find ways to better the human being, take him on the journey of self-­realization and the achievement of individual potential.”

A Green Touch

As to Nubia’s green orientation, Michelle chooses it with pride and makes it the foundation of all her activites: “As therapists, we devote ourselves to another person’s well-­being! But when we know that in most massage oils, there is petroleum and other toxic ingredients, our efforts are in vain. Why accompany someone towards health improvement if we use toxic products?”

Inspired by the beauty of things, creative, persevering and profoundly “human”, Michelle is a real pearl who knows how to create a small corner of paradise! One meeting with her suffices!