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Organic Facial Care: Spring Ritual

From the latin primus (first) and tempus (time), spring marks the beginning of warm weather giving way to the first buds in the trees, the chicks walking around and celebrating the new season!

It’s the return of slightly tanned faces, full of vitamin D and huge smiles.

And yet...returning from a fierce dry winter, our faces in the sun remind us the tree bark, damaged, and the tree deprived of its leaves.

That’s when, ladies and gents, a makeover becomes necessary...Yes mam! (and Sir).

This time, I know the drill: headed for Nubia for facial care with dear Éva! A first for my acne and me...

Comfortably lying down, covered in a warm blanket, I finally relax after an overwhelmng day, overcome with a wave of softness that wakes my five senses… Happiness!

I am pampered by the therapist’s expert hands that delicately apply the hydrating, exfoliating, cleasing and ferming lotions and creams, like a ritual, capable of unveiling inner beauty!

During the treatment, right when I realize I have trouble speaking, Éva explains her divine technique to me: “The application of the products is carefully studied to optimize their action.

The serum is applied with small movements to stimulate circulation and the ferming effect of the product!”

A faithful observer, I continue exploring my five senses, breathing in the spring aromas composed of lemon, roses and cinnamon.

I who do not tolerate perfume (too strong for my subtle nostrils), I enjoy this subtle mixture of natural scents from organic farming and prepared by Nubia’s naturopath. It’s like eating in a five-­star restaurant, OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Sixty minutes later, my face, inhabited by these products, is completely relaxed by a shoulder massage offered after the mask application.

At the door, I am suprised by the reaction of other massage therapists, looking at my skin and amazed at the renewal.

I therefore suggest this divine treatment that hopefully reveals unsuspected beauty.

It’s never too late to show inner beauty!