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What are we Waiting for to be Happy?

Definition: happiness is a durable state of fullness and satisfaction, enjoyable and balanced state between body and mind, where there is no suffering, stress, worries or troubles.

It’s exactly in this state that I found myself Sunday March 25, when I first felt Michelle’s touch!

A new therapist at Nubia, Michelle has 19 years experience in massage therapy. Master of the Shiatsu, Lomi-­atsu, Swedish and pregnancy techniques, Michelle offers a symphony of movements, combining a firm yet soft touch for your cells’ pleasure.

It seems I had a smile on my face throughout the whole massage, to say the least! I felt I was a cat being caressed, fully appreciating each manipulation, leading me into full relaxation!

Other than the irreprochable technique, Michelle takes the best of each one, using her thumbs, elbows, fingers, hands and forearms with warm energy to offer a personalized massage that will literally transport you. I admit not remembering where I was!

Whereas the therapist releases the tensions on one side of my body, I feel the tensions on the opposite side crying to be released! “My turn, my turn! “

Sixty minutes later, I rise from this fabulous massage invigorated, deeply vitalized and never feeling so good. Monday morning, I wake up with massage lotion in my hair and enough energy to make the unfortunately depressed green with envy!

Can a massage be perfect? Do we know what happiness is? Can a massage lead you to it?