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Shiatsu, Voltaire and Happiness!

“I decided to be happy because it’s good for you” said Voltaire. And why not?

Caught up in the whirlwind of climate, psychic, physical, political, geographical and energetic changes, 2012 will surely upset your chakras!

That’s the prediction…

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What are we Waiting for to be Happy?

Definition: happiness is a durable state of fullness and satisfaction, enjoyable and balanced state between body and mind, where there is no suffering, stress, worries or troubles.

It’s exactly in this state that I found myself Sunday March 25, when I first felt Michelle’s touch!

A new therapist at Nubia, Michelle has 15 years experience in massage therapy. Master of the Shiatsu, Lomi-­atsu, Swedish and pregnancy techniques, Michelle offers a symphony of movements, combining a firm yet soft touch for your cells’ pleasure.

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The jumping Jack

I don't’ know if you remember, as a child, these musical jumping jacks with their string you would pull and the limbs would curl up (arms, legs, etc.). Then, when you would release the string, it would go back into the jumping jack, triggering the music, and the legs and arms would return to their position. It’s exactly how I have been feeling lately.

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The Tui Na Massage: Between Heaven and Earth

Don’t you love rainstorms? How they wash the earth’s impurities away? How they give the flora a second breath? How they spread a breath of fresh air to prepare us for the heat?


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The Trager Massage or the Mourning of the Orange?

Do you know the story about the monkey who wanted to eat the beautiful orange?

He was hungry and it was plump and tasty looking but most of all, stuck in a tree trunk.

After a few hours of tries and sighs, he was still unable to grab it.


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The Butterfly Effect

“Can a simple butterfly wing beat trigger a tornado at the other end of the world?

Can a simple massage, a simple breath, a simple footbath raise awareness?


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