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The Tui Na Massage: Between Heaven and Earth

Don’t you love rainstorms? How they wash the earth’s impurities away? How they give the flora a second breath? How they spread a breath of fresh air to prepare us for the heat?


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The Trager Massage or the Mourning of the Orange?

Do you know the story about the monkey who wanted to eat the beautiful orange?

He was hungry and it was plump and tasty looking but most of all, stuck in a tree trunk.

After a few hours of tries and sighs, he was still unable to grab it.


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The Butterfly Effect

“Can a simple butterfly wing beat trigger a tornado at the other end of the world?

Can a simple massage, a simple breath, a simple footbath raise awareness?


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I didn’t even cry

I am the type of client who loves deep massages. I get excited when I see massage therapists using a jackhammer to untie the knots. Something to scare off the massage therapist given the condition of my back;; a concrete block. But at Nubia, I have found happiness. They offer massages for those who want to relax but also for those who are in need of a deep massage.


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Relaxation, Comfort and Happiness: Massages for Pregnant Women!

All women on earth will tell you: bearing a child is such a unique, enriching, somewhat mystical, sometimes complicated and often….
EX-­TE-­NU-­A-­TING experience!



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Our Inner Bodies

We are often afraid of exploring inner realms due to their association with obscurity, void and other strange and fierce demon-­like sensations.

However, these abyss contain the foundations and roots of our well-­being. Exploring them is taking a step towards better self-­understanding and reviewing those foundations in order to grow!

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