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Massage therapy

From invigorating Sweden to the soft exotic Asian touch, passing through pragmatic America,Nubia brings you on a whirlwind of sensations. The final destination? Relaxation, well-­beingand happiness!

Touch is probably the most ancient form of natural therapy. Certain authors claim that it is theorigin of recovery as posing one’s hand on a sensitive area and rubbing it is innate in humanbeings. At Nubia, massage therapy is an integral part of a universe of well-­being,self-­fulfillment, relaxation and peace of mind.

Back strain? Tired legs? Temporary stress or constant migraines? Massages at Nubia includea variety of techniques and manipulations that meet your adapted care needs. Whether youare a Swedish or Yoga-­Thai aficionado or want a comforting or full-­body massage, Nubia’s skilled therapists offer all of these techniques.

  • 60 minutes massage  102$

  • 90 minutes massage  138$