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Passionate about the art of massage since 2002, Manon began her career as an amateur by giving care to her massage therapist friends.
As a result of injuries, she went on to study for several years and learned various therapeutic care techniques to relieve pain. She is currently studying Chinese medicine, specifically Medical Qiqongl. She will be able to give you specific exercises according to your physical needs or energetically. Her care is based on the work of the meridians and also a collective of all her different techniques learned in adapting to all. They are just as much physical as they are energetic. She uses her intuition, sensitivity and feel to gently and deeply relieve stress points and alignments.

Here are the techniques she uses.


  • Thaï oil massage 
  • Swedish massage
  • Therapeutic massage and relaxation
  • Sports Massage and Deep Massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Postural alignment by fasciatherapy
  • Organic Spa Treatments and Organic Facial Care

















Massage therapist MFQM










She joined Nubia Green Spa - Global Health in 2018 to promote Massage Therapy in global health, therapeutic and functional to offer additional treatment closely with the rest of the multidisciplinary team (osteopathy and naturopathy).
Adapting to all customers and patients, he will offer the following services: 

  • Health Check
  • Californian 
  • Shiatsu
    Massage suitable for Pregnant Women
    Organic Spa Treatments 
    Facial Organic Care