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Passionate about the art of massage since 2002, Manon began her career as an amateur by giving care to her massage therapist friends.
As a result of injuries, she went on to study for several years and learned various therapeutic care techniques to relieve pain. She is currently studying Chinese medicine, specifically Medical Qiqongl. She will be able to give you specific exercises according to your physical needs or energetically. Her care is based on the work of the meridians and also a collective of all her different techniques learned in adapting to all. They are just as much physical as they are energetic. She uses her intuition, sensitivity and feel to gently and deeply relieve stress points and alignments.

Here are the techniques she uses.


  • Thaï oil massage 
  • Swedish massage
  • Therapeutic massage and relaxation
  • Sports Massage and Deep Massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Postural alignment by fasciatherapy
  • Organic Spa Treatments and Organic Facial Care



Massage therapist MFQM

She joined Nubia Green Spa - Global Health in 2018 to promote Massage Therapy in global health, therapeutic and functional to offer additional treatment closely with the rest of the multidisciplinary team (osteopathy and naturopathy).
Adapting to all customers and patients, he will offer the following services: 

  • Californian 
  • Shiatsu
  • Massage suitable for Pregnant Women
  • Organic Spa Treatments 
  • Organic Facial Care
  • Massage suédois, fasciathérapie intégrée, momentum, polarité, deep flow, focusing



Natasha Coulombe recently returned from an extended work experience in Asia where she practiced naturopathy alongside a world-renowned wellness team in Thailand at a health resort that is the recipient of several prestigious awards. Her practice is informed by her studies in naturopathy as well as exchanges with traditional medicine doctors from across the globe and grounded in the indigenous teachings of her ancestors, dedicated daily meditation work and indigenous cultural healing practices from various continents.


Drawing from World Indigenous Wellness practices, Natasha offers naturopathic consultations with an integrative health approach, Bach Flower remedies, energy treatments, training workshops and lectures.


Natasha is dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals, which fits into the bigger picture of supporting the well-being of all living entities on Earth. We are all connected and only once we are in balance can we help heal ourselves, others and our ailing planet. 



Passionate and professional, Saule is a member of the RMPQ and has a massage therapy training, which allows her to offer therapeutic, preventive, relaxation and well-being massages. Being a teacher of Yoga and Qi-Giong, she is happy to suggest you some stretching and exercises.


She has experience working with people of all ages and body morphology; as well as pregnant women. She has the following techniques to reply to each person’s unique needs:

  • Shiatsu on the futon and on the table
  • Thaïlandais with oil
  • Massage during and after pregnancy
  • Massage therapeutique and relaxation
  • Fasciatherapy
  • Cranial 
  • Focusing
  • Reiki
  • Californian massage


NLP Coach and Life Coach

Biography coming soon

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Lise-Anne is a therapist with great sensitivity and sensibility. She is passionate about the health of body and mind, and she accompanies her patients towards a return to balance.

Lise-Anne’s approach is both gentle and deep. She uses fascial, fluid, craniosacral, visceral, and articular techniques in order to release tensions, re-harmonize the body, and appease the nervous system.

Every osteopathy treatment is unique since Lise-Anne takes into account the particular needs of each patient. As a matter of fact, posture, work, health history, stress, and emotional state are all factors which can influence the physical condition of an individual. Lise-Anne works to optimize her treatments according to all these factors.



Massage Therapist

“My time as a professional dancer has developed my touch to be intuitively driven in massage therapy. While combining techniques from dance and massage, my main goal is to restore the functionality of the body kinetically and holistically. I’m more than thrilled to be apart of Nubia Spa Vert and share my passion for this art.”

Zack holds a BFA from The Juilliard School in New York City, certifiable by Kiné Concept, and International Cupping Therapy Association. Insured by Réseau des Massothérapeutes  Professionnels du Quebec. 



Massage Therapist

With his cheerfulness and attentive listening, Olivier knows how to recognize and address the individual needs of each client. Currently completing studies in osteopathy, he brings a unique approach, combining Swedish massage with myotensive (deep stretching), fascial (muscle envelopes), articular, cranial (e.g. stress, headaches, etc…) and visceral techniques (e.g. digestive issues). His global approach allows the client to feel better from the first session and works on identifying the source of his/her discomforts.