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Shiatsu, Voltaire and Happiness!

“I decided to be happy because it’s good for you” said Voltaire. And why not?

Caught up in the whirlwind of climate, psychic, physical, political, geographical and energetic changes, 2012 will surely upset your chakras!

That’s the prediction…

Despite the pessimists and other alarmists disturbing my peace, I decide to get inspired by this Voltarian sensual pleasure and to see the wonderful opportunity to grow, be free from my old toxic habits (breathe Aurélie,BREATHE!) and seek hapiness!


At the crossroads of obstacles and other mercenaries of toxicity (old habits tend to cling...), I feel the Shiatsu therapist’s marvellous touch (Siatsu Zen, prenatal Shiatsu and Lomi-­atsu), an asian wisdom-­based technique.

Thanks to an irreprochable technique, the massage therapist gives me a Shiatsu Zen session (60 minutes) while listening, understanding and supporting me.

“Shiatsu Zen is based on Chinese traditional medicine” she explains. “Instead of pushing the pain away, we nourrish the body parts that will help the healing process. We seek to rebalance the being’s different spheres to let the QI flow more easily (vital energy), favor concentration and self-­healing mechanisms”

Throughout the session, I discover a fulfilling and nourrishing technique that reveals my protections and other tensions needed to overcome my professional challenges however useless for my personal growth!

I become aware that hapiness is attainable (a few thumbs away) and that it begins within us.

That it is the fruit of the wonderful complexity of the physical and psychic human being that each part is related to and feeds off of. Whether it is the result of Yin (stable, structuring, passive, feminine) or Yang (dynamic, dividing, active, masculine) there is harmonization to create a vital, unique and inebriating energy...

Thanks for this journey through oriental wisdom, with a pause for a massage, to put my mind at ease…

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