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The jumping Jack

The jumping Jack

I don't’ know if you remember, as a child, these musical jumping jacks with their string you would pull and the limbs would curl up (arms, legs, etc.). Then, when you would release the string, it would go back into the jumping jack, triggering the music, and the legs and arms would return to their position. It’s exactly how I have been feeling lately.

My arms and legs gave me the horrible impression I was tense! A massage was greatly needed and it’s with Martine that I discovered the Shiatsu, on the ground, on a futon.

Yes, Martine massages with her hands, arms and feet, and no, it is not painful. With her pressures and manipulations, you slowly but surely feel tensions disappear. It’s as if you were growing.

I was conquered from the get go. Lying on my stomach, on the ground, Martine, on her feet, applied pressure on the soles of my feet. I told her she could stay there for an hour if she wanted, so much it felt good. But she did other manipulations that I don’t regret.

The longer the shiatsu massage experience went on, my skimpy jumping jack arms and legs were expanding. Once the massage ended, I really felt like my posture had improved;; I was radiant. It was a wonderful experience, and the slighest fears I had at the beginning of this type of massage all vanished! But only with someone as experienced as Martine.

P.S. Martine gives us advice during her massage, and it was useful for me: “Breathe in... breathe out…breathe…” My advice to you is to follow that advice every day.

Martine offers the following massages: Zen Shiatsu (on the ground, on a futon or a table), the Indian head massage, the Tui Na and the Swedish massage.